Residential Internet 

Here's what you get with FREEDOM SELECT

FREEDOM SELECT is our 6th Generation Broadband Platform designed to deliver reliable High-Speed Internet Service to Homes and Businesses by using a combination of high capacity microwave and fiber-optic links. The platform is designed with best of breed manufacturers to deliver high bandwidth with low latency with speeds up to 40x faster than DSL and up to 24x faster than satellite and other wireless solutions.

Hudson Valley Wireless is a Broadband company and does not offer a competing cable TV lineup. Our network is optimized to provide our consumers with a choice of their Video and VoIP providers.  Watch your favorite shows and movies from all the major Over The Top (OTT) providers (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, SLING, YouTube TV and more)

Work from home?  No problem.....Our advanced QoE provides reliable connections to GoToMeeting, Zoom, Office 365 and more.  

FREEDOM SELECT is simple...............FAST and RELIABLE Internet Access combined with Extraordinary Customer Care






    HVW provides Broadband Internet Access using a combination of Fiber-Optic, High-Capacity Microwave to connect Towers and Small Cell wireless facilities.

    The signal is transmitted from the Tower or Small Cell using Advanced LTE and Proprietary Wireless technology optimized for Fixed-Wireless.

    NITRO FREEDOM SELECT uses a fixed High-Gain antenna to connect your home or business, to provide a reliable signal.

    Take advantage of FREE Over the Air (OTA) and premium channels using Over the Top (OTT) streaming services.  Typical cord-cutters could save up to $1,200 a year.   


    UNLIMITED data for HD Video Streaming to multiple devices

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    A variety of packages are available to cater to your every need. FREEDOM SELECT Broadband delivers blazing fast connection speeds allowing users to download Music, Movies, Online Gaming, Social Networking, VoIP, and more.

    Broadband Speeds
    Download 10 Mbps
    Upload 2 Mbps
    Data Limit 200 GB
    Broadband Speeds
    Download 50 Mbps
    Upload 5 Mbps
    Data Limit UNLIMITED
    Broadband Speeds
    Download 25 Mbps
    Upload 4 Mbps
    Data Limit UNLIMITED
    Broadband Speeds
    Download 100 Mbps
    Upload 10 Mbps
    Data Limit UNLIMITED

    *See associate for installation costs, and subscriber equipment options