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Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

There is a major difference between Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Mass Market Retail broadband products. Mass Market Retail Broadband connections are “Best Effort” Quality of Service (QoS).

DIA is more about the business terms of the Internet connection and not the technology or delivery method (Fiber Optic, DSL, Cable, Wireless, etc.).

Most consumer and small business broadband products are “Best Effort” and the bandwidth is oversubscribed. Not every customer uses their Mass Market connection to the maximum capacity every minute of every day and the excess bandwidth is sold at an affordable price to neighboring homes and businesses.

Certain Businesses, Government Agencies, and Anchor Institutions run applications that require consistent connectivity to the Internet. If your business is a certain size or runs applications requiring consistent Upload or Downloads, then DIA may be a good fit.

Best Effort connections are subject to capacity and congestion issues. Most ISP’s typically provide fair use policies that slow down applications ensuring the bandwidth is distributed equally between all neighbors.

DIA is sold at Committed Information Rate (CIR) not “Up To” Speed. Dedicated Internet Access is like having your own personal Highway as opposed to everyone sharing the same highway.

Anyone that has used “Best Effort” Internet products knows that traffic congestion happens at certain times of the day. Even express lanes, like “business class” offers, aren’t always a sure thing.

When you have a personal dedicated highway, your business will be traveling at the guaranteed subscribed speeds.

DIA offers the following options:

  • Synchronous Upload and Download Speeds (Example 100/100)
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) with option of 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Guaranteed Response Times

Hudson Valley Wireless can provide Primary or Backup Internet Connectivity over our High-Capacity Microwave network. Construction costs are a fraction of fiber build costs.

Let us engineer a solution that can provide an enterprise class level of service with an up-time guarantee. Call us today for a FREE estimate.

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