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Hudson Valley Wireless helps local government and municipalities deploy solutions for Public Wi-Fi.

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Boost economic development

Use branded content to market local business, drive app downloads, and communicate city initiatives.

Analyze visitor behavior, monitor foot traffic trends. Receive density alerts.

  • Access daily, monthly, and yearly traffic flow data within cities and communities
  • Monitor and enforce social distancing protocols with real-time density alerts
  • Communicate with visitors and residents based on dwell time and location

Create new advertising opportunities for local businesses. In addition, promote community events and initiatives.

  • Provide a new digital billboard without the visual clutter; create new revenue opportunities and offset community WiFi costs
  • Share sponsor attribution with detailed impression metrics
  • Promote community initiatives on a fully customizable landing page

Enable simple WiFi access for visitors and residents. Create new communication channels. Promote community initiatives.

  • Collect powerful usage data and use that to stimulate economic development
  • Survey visitors and aggregate data with existing databases
  • Control usage with content filtering, unique access levels and session limits