Private Microwave

The FCC reallocated certain microwave bands to the Safety and Special Radio Services, ending the necessity for private users to share those frequencies with common carriers. Private -Fixed Microwave Service can be used and licensed by eligible persons or corporations. Private operational-fixed microwave systems serve many different purposes. They are meant to carry or relay voice, teletype, telemetering, facsimile and digital communications associated with Aviation, Marine, Public Safety, Industrial, and the Land Transportation Radio Services. For example, these systems are used for IP cameras, operating unattended equipment; open and close switches or valves; record data like pressure, temperature, or speed of machines; telemeter voltage and current in power lines; and perform other control or monitoring functions. Microwave systems are especially useful for controlling and monitoring various operations along installations like pipelines, railroads, and highways. Hudson Valley Wireless can connect your buildings and devices with a Private Microwave Solution. This method allows clients to use the full capacity of the wireless links while reducing monthly telecommunications costs.

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