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John R. Guzzo LLC dba Hudson Valley Wireless (“HVW,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) understands that residential and business subscribers, visitors and users (collectively, “Subscribers,” “you,” or “your”) care about your personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”). (We may use the term users separately from Subscribers, where appropriate.) HVW takes Subscribers’ privacy seriously. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, disclose, and dispose of your Personal Information through the HVW website (the “Site”) and any of our services, including broadband Internet access services, voice over IP services, and other related services purchased by you (collectively, the “Services”). This Privacy Policy together with HVW’s Master Services Agreement, NITRO Services Confirmation of Sale, Dedicated Internet Service Level Agreement, Transport Service Level Agreement, Carrier / Wholesale Agreement, Code of Conduct (also known as an “Acceptable Use Policy”), Supported Applications Statement, Antivirus Policy, DMCA Copyright Infringement Notification Policy, and Open Internet Compliance Statement (collectively, “Service Agreements”) govern your use of the Site and Services and our collection, use, disclosure, and disposal of your information.

By using or accessing our Site and Services in any manner, Subscriber acknowledges that Subscriber accepts the practices and policies outlined in this Privacy Policy. If you disagree with the way we collect, use, disclose, and dispose of Personal Information, do not use the Site or any of the Services.

Any capitalized terms not defined in this Privacy Policy will have the same meaning as defined in our Service Agreements.

Your California Privacy Rights

Generally, California residents are entitled by law to ask HVW for a notice identifying the categories of Personal Information that HVW shared with its Affiliates and/or other third parties for their marketing purposes the preceding year and provide contact information for such Affiliates and/or third parties unless HVW meets certain exceptions in the law. This Privacy Policy and Site meet those exceptions. Therefore, if Subscriber resides in California and Subscriber has an established business relationship with HVW, Subscriber may request information about HVW’s opt-out and out-in policies of sharing Subscriber Personal Information with other companies (including our Affiliates) for their marketing purposes. Please send Subscriber’s written request via email or postal mail following the instructions below. HVW will not accept requests via the telephone or facsimile or respond to requests that are not labeled or sent properly, or do not have complete information.

• For all requests, include Subscriber’s full name, street address, city, state and zip code.

• In an email request, Subscriber must state “Re: Your California Privacy Rights” in the subject line and send Subscriber email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

• In a postal request, Subscriber must send a letter or post card to:

Hudson Valley Wireless
34 Russell Road
Albany, NY 12205
Attention: Your California Privacy Rights

General Information

HVW’s Site and Services are designed and targeted to United States audiences and are governed by and operated in accordance with the laws of the U.S. If Subscriber is not a U.S. citizen or does not reside in the U.S., Subscriber voluntarily consents to the collection, transfer, use, disclosure and retention of Subscriber Personal Information in the U.S. Subscriber also agrees to waive any claims that may arise under Subscriber’s own national laws.

When Subscriber uses the Site and Services, the Personal Information Subscriber sends and receives is transmitted over wired and wireless networks and may be subject to interception by unauthorized third parties who seek to do you harm. While it is HVW’s objective to take reasonable measures to reduce the risk that unauthorized third parties will be able to intercept the information Subscriber sends and receives through the Site and Services, HVW cannot and does not make any guarantee that transmissions over the Internet are 100% secure or error-free.

HVW does not knowingly collect, solicit or use Personal Information from anyone under the age of 13. If Subscriber is under age 13, please do not attempt to register for the Services or send any Personal Information about yourself to HVW. If HVW learns that we have collected Personal Information from a child under the age of 13, we will delete that information as quickly as possible to the extent technically feasible. If you believe that your child under age 13 may have provided HVW Personal Information, please contact HVW at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What Information does HVW collect and how does HVW use this Information?

Generally, HVW collects and uses Personal Information internally in connection with providing the Site and Services to Subscriber, including to personalize, evaluate and improve the Site and Services, to contact Subscriber, to respond to and fulfill Subscriber requests, and to analyze how Subscriber uses the Site and Services.

HVW collects and uses various types of information about Subscribers and Subscribers’ use of the Site and Services via various features and registration pages, Help Desk and call centers, postal mail, remote kiosks, the HVW Facebook Page or other social network platforms, or by other means. Such information is generally classified as Personal Information or Non-Personal Information.

Personal Information

Personal Information is the information Subscriber provides to HVW voluntarily or passively through Subscriber use of the Site and/or Services, and information which is directly associated with or reasonably linked to a specific person, computer or device. For example, we collect and use Personal Information through the registration process, when the equipment to provide the Service is installed, maintained or upgraded at Subscriber’s premises, and when Subscriber contacts HVW regarding the Site or Services. Through Subscriber account settings, HVW collects and uses Personal Information such as Subscriber name, email address, landline and/or wireless telephone number, postal address, billing address (if different) and billing information (such as credit/debit card account number or other financial account information), service address, and the nature of any of Subscriber devices or other property making use of the Services. Personal Information also includes Subscriber [customer] proprietary network information (“CPNI”) which is collected and used to provide VoIP services to you. CPNI includes any information that relates to the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location, and amount of use of our VoIP service, such as call detail, logs, and specifics regarding your VoIP account. Subscriber may be required to provide certain Personal Information to assist HVW in improving Subscriber’s Service or troubleshooting problems Subscriber is experiencing with the Site or Service, Subscriber computer or device, or otherwise to improve the quality of the Services.

HVW will communicate with Subscriber if Subscriber has provided HVW the means to do so such as submission of a Subscriber’s postal address, email address or phone number. HVW will mail, email, call or text Subscriber about Subscriber’s use of the Services or product improvements or upgrades, and other transactional information about Subscriber’s service.

HVW may also combine Personal Information with additional data obtained from HVW’s Facebook Pages or other social network platforms, its Affiliates, and its agents, representatives and contractors (third party owned companies that provide or perform services on HVW’s behalf, to help serve Subscribers better and to perform functions in order to support HVW’s businesses and operations), or other companies, such as credit bureaus, background check firms, and marketing research companies.

Some forms of Non-Personal Information as described below will be classified as Personal Information if required by applicable law or when such information is directly associated with or reasonably linked to a specific person, computer or device, or is combined with other forms of Personal Information.

Non-Personal Information

Website Information, Use of Cookies and other Similar Tracking Technology

When you visit HVW’s Site, HVW will collect various types of Non-Personal Information, such as information on HVW server logs from Subscriber’s browser or device, which may include Subscriber IP Address, unique device identifier, “cookie” information, the type of browser and/or device you are using to access the Services, and the page or feature Subscriber requested. (IP Address and device identifiers are traditionally classified as Non-Personal Information, unless HVW is required to do so otherwise under applicable law.) “Cookies,” “web beacons” are text file identifiers HVW transfers to Subscriber’s browser or device that allow HVW to recognize Subscriber’s browser or device and tell HVW how and when pages and features on the HVW Site are visited, by how many people, and other activity on the Site. HVW also uses cookies and web beacons to serve advertising to its Subscribers on its Site and on third party websites. Subscribers can delete cookies used for advertising.

Subscribers can change the preferences on Subscriber’s browser or device to prevent or limit Subscriber’s device’s acceptance of cookies, web beacons or other similar technology, but this may prevent Subscribers from taking advantage of some of the features on the HVW Site, or accessing certain functions and conveniences. This Privacy Policy does not cover the use of cookies or other such tracking technology by any third parties, and HVW is not responsible for their privacy policies and practices.

HVW also uses Personal Information and Non-Personal Information to enhance the HVW Site and Services: such as how often visitors use a particular feature or activity; which products and services are most interesting to current and potential Subscribers; ways to make the Site useful and interesting to as many Subscribers as possible; and to enhance and refine HVW’s Services. HVW will continue to conduct analytics on HVW Site and Services performance. Subscribers may not opt-out of this use of cookies, Personal Information and Non-Personal Information.

Technology is improving every day and to improve HVW’s operations and functions HVW may introduce new technologies and monitoring techniques without advance notice or consent from Subscriber. HVW may also use third party providers to conduct such internal functions and analyses.

Network Information

HVW also collects and uses HVW Network Information, information about Subscriber access to, and use of, the HVW Network, which may or may not be directly associated with or reasonably linked to a specific person, computer or device. For example, HVW may collect use information about the performance of the our equipment installed on Subscriber property or at Subscriber premises, when Subscriber is using the Services, the various devices Subscriber is using to access the Services, the amount of data Subscriber is transmitting and receiving, the content of the data Subscriber are transmitting and receiving, the websites Subscriber is visiting, and any other information that is transmitted over the HVW Network. HVW may also aggregate HVW Network Information from multiple Subscribers and share such aggregated Non-Personal information about the overall performance of the HVW Services and HVW Network with our Affiliates and other third parties. Aggregated information does not identify a specific individual, computer or device.

Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)

It is the policy of Hudson Valley Wireless (“Company”) to comply with the letter and spirit of all laws of the United States, including the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (“CALEA”). Before assisting a law enforcement agency to carry out a call content/information or broadband/VoIP packet interception, Section 105 of CALEA requires telecommunications carriers, facilities-based broadband providers, and voice over Internet protocol (“VoIP”) providers (hereinafter “Providers”) to ensure that the interception is activated (1) pursuant to court order or “other lawful authorization” and (2) with the “affirmative intervention” of a carrier officer or employee. 47 USC §1004. The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) has issued regulations to implement Section 105 of the Act, which regulations are codified at 47

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Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), copyright owners have the right to notify Hudson Valley Wireless’s registered agent if they believe that one of our clients has infringed on their work(s). When Hudson Valley Wireless’s receives a complaint notice from a copyright owner, Hudson Valley Wireless’s will notify the customer of the alleged infringement by providing them a copy of the submitted DMCA notice. As required by law, Hudson Valley Wireless’s enforces a graduated response policy to complaints that may lead to suspension or termination of service. Hudson Valley Wireless’s policy is to cancel the internet services for any customer receiving five or more DMCA notices annually and to assess a $100 Administrative Fee for the processing and handling of every complaint received after the second.

Open Internet Compliance

John R. Guzzo LLC dba as Hudson Valley Wireless (“HVW”, “we,” “our,” or “us”) is a provider of Broadband Internet Access. We are committed to providing our services as an open platform for innovation, investments, job creation, economic growth and free expression. HVW is committed to an open Internet and supports the following Net Neutrality principles:

• Transparency
• NO Blocking of Internet content, subject to reasonable network management as described below
• NO Throttling of Internet content, subject to reasonable network management as described below
• NO Unreasonable Discrimination
• NO Paid Prioritization of Internet content
• Freedom of Subscriber to access lawful content
• Freedom of Subscriber to use non-harmful applications of their choice
• Freedom of Subscriber to attach non-harmful personal devices
• Freedom of Subscriber to customize experience based on selected plans

This Open Internet Policy sets forth certain information regarding the policies and practices of HVW and how we manage our network for broadband Internet access service (the “HVW Network”). This Open Internet Compliance Statement is a supplement to and is incorporated by reference in our Master Services Agreement (“Service Agreements’”) (available at:, and in the event of any inconsistency between this Open Internet Policy and the Service Agreements, this Open Internet Compliance Statement shall control.

HVW’s broadband access service is primarily a fixed wireless service. Generally, given the nature of fixed wireless services, certain circumstances may affect the speed and quality of the Service, including but not limited to foliage, line-of-sight obstructions, the distance between a Subscriber’s premises, RF interference and the transmission point, as well as the Subscriber’s connection of multiple devices to the HVW Network. Although we have engineered the HVW Network to provide consistent high-speed data services, some network management for these scenarios is required, because very heavy data usage by even a few Subscribers at times and places of competing network demands can affect the performance of all Subscribers.


    A. Blocking: Other than reasonable network management practices disclosed below, we do not block or otherwise prevent a Subscriber from lawful content.

    B. Throttling: Other than reasonable network management practices disclosed below, we do not throttle or otherwise degrade or impair access to lawful Internet traffic on the basis of content, application, service, user, or use of a non-harmful device. All lawful Internet use is handled identically.

    C. Affiliated Prioritization: We do not directly or indirectly favor some traffic over other traffic, including through use of techniques such as traffic shaping, prioritization, or resource reservation, to benefit any of our affiliates, defined as an entity that controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with HVW.

    D. Paid Prioritization: We do not directly or indirectly favor some traffic over other traffic over the HVW Network, including through use of techniques such as traffic shaping, prioritization, or resource reservation, in exchange for consideration, monetary or otherwise. Individual Subscribers may customize what services and/or applications they prefer. Such individual prioritizations at the Subscriber level do not affect other Subscribers on the HVW Network and therefore, do not violate our Open Internet principles.

    E. Congestion Management: Our Service is provided on a “best efforts” basis and our congestion management practices are in place to ensure that all Subscribers experience as high quality a service under varying usage periods. If our network experiences congestion, it is typically between 7:00 pm and 110:00 pm local time. Subscribers select how much high-speed data they receive under a designated Service plan; the specific Service plan is set forth in the COS. If a Subscriber exceeds his/her/its selected bandwidth allotment during a service cycle, we may reduce the Subscriber’s data speed for the remainder of that service cycle. In a manner consistent with our Service Agreements and Privacy Policy, we may monitor network traffic to ensure capacity is sufficient to maintain an efficient network load, to perform diagnostics and to otherwise manage and enhance the HVW Network. To help manage traffic on the HVW Network, during times of high demand, we may allocate available bandwidth among Subscribers on an equal basis, by service tier governed by rate multipliers. In addition, we may prioritize certain applications, such as public safety and voice, over other traffic types.

      i. We may also use specific traffic shaping techniques to Improve our Subscribers Quality of Experience (QoE). HVW’s traffic shaping incorporates Fair Use Policies and service rate multipliers ensuring that all users have fair and open access to the Internet. Users may also elect to subscribe to a SELECT package offering to optimize the experience within their home or business. Examples of SELECT packages include: SELECT - VIDEO, SELECT - GAMMER AND SELECT - HOME OFFICE

      ii. We may also use PCRF for policy management of LTE technology to maintain quality of service (QoS) rules and regulations.

      iii. We may also conduct deep packet inspection (“DPI”), which is a type of filtering that will examine the data and/or header part of Internet traffic for viruses, spam, intrusions, or protocol non-compliance that may harm the HVW Network; to determine the routing of Internet traffic; for internal statistical and performance purposes; for lawful intercept capabilities, and/or enforcement of our Service Agreement. We do not use DPI to conduct data mining for targeted marketing or advertising, or anti-competitive purposes.

      iv. If we determine, in our sole and reasonable discretion, that the manner in which a Subscriber is using the Service negatively impacts other Subscribers or the HVW Network, we reserve the right to apply additional congestion management techniques.

    F. Application-Specific Behavior: Subject to the qualification that HVW may reasonably limit or rate-control specific or classes of applications, or other specific protocols or protocol ports as set forth below, HVW generally treats all lawful applications identically. However, we reserve the right to any applications, ports or protocols that we determine, in our sole and reasonable discretion, may expose the HVW Network to potential legal liability, harm the HVW Network or otherwise interfere with or impair the experience of other Subscribers on the HVW Network.

    G. Device Attachment Rules: Generally, you do not need approval to connect a third-party device to the HVW Network. HVW does not limit the types of devices that can be connected to the HVW Network, provided they are used for lawful purposes and do not harm the HVW Network, violate our Service Agreement, or harm other users of the Network. Acceptable devices must be authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. However, if we determine, in our sole and reasonable discretion, that the connection of a particular type of device to the HVW Network negatively impacts other users or the HVW Network, or may expose us to potential legal liability, we reserve the right to limit or restrict Subscribers’ ability to connect such type of device to the HVW Network. If you need technical support services to assist you in the installation and configuration of third-party devices, please contact us or visit Depending on your level of Service and your COS, there may be an additional monthly fee for IT support services.

    Please note: Customers providing their own equipment may connect directly to HVW’s Radio Access Network (RAN, eNodeB or Access Point) using HVW approved equipment. Equipment must be FCC type accepted and configured using HVW’s specifications. All equipment must be approved by HVW or roaming partner.  

    H. Security: We have taken reasonable physical, technical and administrative safeguards to protect the integrity and operations of the HVW Network. We monitor the HVW Network for security threats and may prohibit certain activity on the HVW Network that we may deem, in our sole and reasonable discretion, poses a potential risk to the HVW Network or to other Subscribers. Triggering conditions include but are not limited to denial of service activity, IP address or port scanning, excessive account login failures; or certain Internet addresses that are disruptive, malicious and typically persistent. If we notice excessive Subscriber connections, including but not limited to Wi-Fi connections, that are harmful or are commonly used to disrupt the normal use of the HVW Network or use by other Subscribers, we will attempt to notify the Subscriber to work collaboratively to remedy the issue to the extent possible; however, we reserve the right as a reasonable security practice, without advance notice, to control any Subscriber traffic, ports, protocols, devices, or applications (such as peer-to-peer applications that may carry malicious software or are known to be problematic) that we determine, in our sole and reasonable discretion, may cause harm to the HVW Network or to other Subscribers, or may expose us to potential legal liability.

Specific Service fees and rates for an individual Subscriber is set forth in the Subscriber’s Confirmation of Sale (“COS”). Various information is also publicized on the HVW Website.

A. Service Description and Pricing: Links to a current description of the categories of Internet access service offered to residential and business Subscribers are available here, including pricing, expected and actual access speed and latency, and the suitability of the service for real-time applications:

    i. HOME – ESSENTIAL, details available at website
    ii. HOME – BASIC, details available at website
    iii. HOME – ENHANCED, details available at website
    iv. HOME – ENHANCED +, details available at website
    v. HOME – EXTREME, details available at website
    vi. HOME – EXTREME PLUS (+), details available at website

    i. HOME – PRIORITY 10, details available at website
    ii. HOME – PRIORITY 25, details available at website
    iii. HOME – PRIORITY 50, details available at website
    iv. HOME – PRIORITY 75, details available at website
    v. HOME – PRIORITY 100, details available at website


    SELECT - VIDEO – Optimized for Over the Top Video Streaming (OTT)

    SELECT - GAMER – Optimized for Gamer Experience and includes Public IP (Static IP optional)

    SELECT – HOME OFFICE – Optimized for Remote Workers. Includes Public IP (Static IP optional)

    i. BACKUP 25 details available at website
    ii. BUSINESS 10 details available at website
    iii. BUSINESS 25 details available at website
    iv. BUSINESS 25+ details available at website
    v. BUSINESS 50 details available at website
    vi. BUSINESS 75 details available at website
    vii. BUSINESS 100 details available at website

B. Impact of Non-Broadband Internet Access Service Data Services (also known as “Specialized Services”): We do not offer data-related Specialized Services to Subscribers that will significantly affect the last-mile capacity available for, and the performance of, our broadband Internet access Service offering. However, there may be a temporary slowing of Internet speed when using any of HVW’s broadband and VoIP services at the same time.

C. Various Fees. We will assess the following fees for our Service, where applicable. Please see our Service Agreements for pricing details.

    a. Installation Fee: $499.90 – Standard Installation*
    b. Equipment Purchase Fee: Up to $350.00 for standard UE, per piece
    c. Equipment Replacement Fee: $350.00, per piece
    d. Early Termination Fee: Prorated term of contract
    e. Reconnection Fee for Terminated Service Due to Non-Payment: Payment of any unpaid balance and a reconnect charge of fifteen dollars ($25.00 US)
    f. ACH Overdrawn Check Fee: $25.00
    g. US Postal/Paper Bill Fee: $5.00 per month
    * Standard Installation is defined as a single-story home with clear pathways to run cable (less than 100’) without obstructions or special material required.

D. Fees for Additional Services: A current description of the fees for additional network-related services can be found at the links below: website

      1. Computer Repair and IT Support Services: details available at website

    E. Acceptable Use: As set forth in the Service Agreements, all of HVW’s service offerings are subject to the Code of Conduct, also known as an Acceptable Use Policy , which we may from time to time establish or revise. The Code of Conduct is available here:

    F. Privacy Policy: HVW’s current Privacy Policy is available here:

    G. Redress Options: HVW endeavors to respond to all Subscriber concerns and complaints in a timely and fair manner. We encourage Subscribers to contact us at (518) 458-7006, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or U.S. postal mail to discuss any complaints or concerns as they arise. Our postal address is 34 Russell Road Albany, NY 12205-3313, ATTN Subscriber Service

    H. Disputes and Arbitration: The Service Agreement requires the use of arbitration to resolve disputes and otherwise limits the remedies available to Subscribers in the event of a dispute.


    The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) has adopted rules to preserve the Internet as an open platform (“Rules”). Information regarding these Rules is available on the FCC’s website at: If a Subscriber believes that we are not in compliance with the FCC’s rules, the Subscriber may file an informal complaint with the FCC. The FCC urges Subscribers to submit any complaints via its website at the following address:


    This Open Internet Compliance Statement does not affect, alter or otherwise supersede the legal status of cooperative efforts by HVW that are designed to curtail copyright or trademark infringement in response to information provided by rights holders in a manner that is timely, effective, and accommodates the legitimate interests of the company, rights holders, our Subscribers and other end users. Furthermore, this Open Internet Policy does not prohibit us from making reasonable efforts to address the transfer of unlawful content or unlawful transfers of content. For additional information, please review the Service Agreements and Privacy Policy.

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