About Hudson Valley Wireless


HVW is an affiliate of the 40+ year old Hudson Valley Communications that operated one of New York State’s largest Two-Way Radio networks.  Hudson Valley Communications is our professional services division focused on designing and deploying Structured Cabling Systems (Copper & Fiber Optic),  VoIP Telephony Solutions, Computer Networks and Security Solutions.

Hudson Valley Wireless was created in 2002 to deploy Wireless Broadband Internet Services throughout the Capital District as an alternative to Dial Up and T1 services. The original platform was designed to allow subscribers to access web pages and email.

Shortly after deploying in the cities, we started expanding the services to rural communities that lack access to affordable DSL and cable based technology.

Since then we have grown to become the Capital Region's largest Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) focused on Rural Broadband Deployments. We are now utilizing our 5th Generation Platform (NITRO Broadband) offering speeds comparable to Cable based technology. The service is up to 6x faster than T1, up to 12x faster than DSL and up to 24x faster than Satellite.  Our Nitro platform focuses on users who want to get the most out of the Internet allowing them to download music, stream video, VoIP, Social Media and Online Gaming and more.

Mission Statement

Hudson Valley Wireless was created to deliver High Speed Internet Services to Rural Areas in Upstate, NY. Our deployments focuses on areas that do not have access to cable or DSL.  We also specialize in disaster recovery solutions and redundant internet services.

We currently operate Upstate, New York’s Largest WISP delivering Last Mile and Middle Mile connectivity to subscribers in rural and remote villages and townships. We are constantly working on expanding our coverage to unserved and under served areas through partnerships with local communities.

Our latest broadband platform (Nitro) is capable of delivering fast and reliable Internet Service and supports the next generation of Internet applications and content including: VoIP, Streaming Video and Social Media.

By making our service available to homes and businesses we are increasing educational opportunities, fostering job creation. There is a tremendous socio-economical advantage to giving community’s access to Broadband Internet services. These communities can immediately improve quality of life thru entertainment, new employment opportunities and educational content.

Our goal of expanding broadband services is accomplished by working with local villages and townships. We need to work with local communities to expand Broadband Internet Services to untouched regions helping these areas to succeed.